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सोमवार कल्याण बाजार जोडी 28पत्ती 156पास  हुआ

मंगलवार कल्याण बाजार का फिक्स 

VIP गेम बंपर धमाका

सिर्फ़ एक गेम पर लाखों कमाने का मौका
इस गेम को लेने के लिए आपको
सिर्फ 1100/- रूपये एडवांस देना है
एडवांस देने के बाद 3 बजे SMS से आपको गेम मिलेगा 
।। ट्रायल मांगने वाले call न करे ।।
♠️  Raj khatri sir  ♠️
Call-- ☎️ 09529359401
3:15 pm 5:15 pm
1:00 pm 2:00 pm
3:10 pm 5:10 am
4:00 pm 6:00 pm
Monday Kalyan Bazar
Jodi 28 patti 156 Passed

Tuesday Kalyan market
VIP Game Bumper Explosion

Chance to earn millions on
 just one game
To get this game you need
Only Rs.1100/- has
 to be paid in advance.
After giving advance,
 you will get the game by 
SMS at 3 pm
, Do not make calls 
asking for trial.

️ Raj khatri sir ️
Call-- ️ 09529359401
9:10 pm 11:10 am
9:30 pm 11:45 am
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9:30 pm 12:09 am
नोट :
अपना बाजार हमारी वेबसाइट साईट में डलवाने के लिए आज ही हमसे सम्पर्क करें
मात्र 5 मिनट में रिजल्ट वेबसाइट साइट पर लग जाएगा
और रेट/चार्ज भी दूसरी वेबसाइट साइट्स से बहुत कम
एडमिन पैनल से आप ही अपना रिजल्ट/रिकॉर्ड डाल सकते है
टाइम टू टाइम अपडेट कर सकते है
-Call Us~Raj bhai khatri




























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।। ॐ लक्ष्मी जी नमः ।।

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FAQ For Satta and Matka


Q1: What is satta matka game ? What is kalyan matka?

Ans:  satta matka is matka gambling , online betting or online lottery all types bet is depending on New yark Cotton Exchange open to close rates , Indian people called Jugar matka ankda under Bombay cotton exchange , satta king and sattamatka playing more then person same related searching- kalyan ji bhagat matka, matka calculation trick , Game bets matka, How to play satta , matka casino , matka jugar, Dpboss Matka, kalyan matka is different game for winning and earning online daily cash and fast money prize source of all over india , kalyan panel chart, india matka , kalyan open fix , matka guessing, kalyan final, kalyan open fix pana, tara matka, satta live, rajdhani night, Main BAZAR Chart, kalyan katoa wining rate is for 10 rs to 90 rs also exact report .


Q2: When was matka started and who is owner satta?

Ans: matka started in india  1962 one farmer son kalyanji bhagat in gujrat all day and daily services then 1964 start ratan khatri worli matka in mumbai , they both person expand business all over maharashtra , matka owner name , milan matka owner name, matka gambling today,Matka owner number, Head office for leak game, Ratan khatri wiki 555,  indian matka dhamaka, kalyan satta owner name suresh bhagat 


Q3: what is name of all satta market?

Ans: many market in satta matka bazar , name of market Time bazar,  Milan morning, sridevi, kalyan morning, madhuri, kuber morning,  padmavati, Tara mumbai day,time bazar day, kalyan chalange, milan day, main bazar day,  kalyan , day, night, rajdhani, main ratan, main bazar, mama bhanja,  puna bazar, shubhank, Gujrat, channel ,  madhur, balaji, supreme, Golden , Ratan, worli, Karnataka,main, star line,   


Q4: How to get Kalyan Matka Tips?

Ans: You can get easy way of kalyan matka tips and tricks , sattamatka o1 .In is very nice top and vip gusser and knowledgeably proffersor giving best tips , best all matka satta market chart , kalyan tips today, kalyan chart,  free matka tips site,  matka tips today kalyan 143, main matka tips today,   kalyan chart tricks tips , matka tips today fix jodi, kalyan fix open free tips, matka fix tips free, kalyan free tips,  aaj ka kalyan tips, free matka tips app , kalyan panel chart kalyan close tip,  , with our website. Where you can get a good online betting experience. 


Q5: How to get Matka Jodi?

Ans: There is no idea or formula in actuality for it. Players having good experience can get matka jodi, it all depends on the numbers you choose. So, try to pick the most encouraging sets of numbers. If you are a new player and want to start playing, you do not need to hesitate to play satta game, here our expert will help you start to the end step and snatch your chance to win a big amount definitely. Just follow our tips & trick and start playing online. If you have any questions regarding the game, you can post your question on our forum page; we will answer your question as soon as possible.


Q6: Is online Satta playing a good choice?


Ans: online Satta playing is a good choice because it is very convenient. You can play from the comfort of your own home, and you don't have to go anywhere. There are also many different games to choose from, so you can find one that you really enjoy. And if you ever have any questions or problems, there are always customer service representatives available to help you. So overall, online Satta playing is a great choice for anyone who wants convenience and variety. Thanks for considering it!


Q7: Kalyan Lucky Number Today Open To Close ? आज का लकी नंबर क्या है कल्याण में ओपन टू क्लोज?


Ans: Kalyan lucky number is depending on top guesser in india and fix fix guess of matka professor , gesser will be give to you Aaj ka lucky numbers fix kalyan matka game and matka chart . This is one of the most popular and helping free samaj seva for public , matka parivar website यदि आपके मन में सवाल है । कल्याण नंबर क्या है आज ? सट्टे का लकी नंबर क्या है? कल्याण का नंबर कैसे निकाला जाता है। ओपन नंबर । जोडी मे क्या है? क्लोज मे क्या है ?टुडे क्या है । कल्याण बाजार में क्या जोडी बनेगी ? परफेक्ट नंबर। नाइट में क्या आएगा ओपन ? Kalyan lucky number today facebook insta sms  सभी सवाल का एक ही जवाब सटा मटका 01 डाँट इन  पर डेली फ्री गेम ओर टाँप गेसर जो की आप को देगे लाखो कमाके !.


Q8: What time Kalyan open comes or What is the time of Kalyan open bazaar ?


Ans: Kalyan open time is 3:45 and close time is a 05:45 pm in Indian clock daily Monday to Saturday fix time of Kalyan , all Matka market time is different and world time also different, if you want milan day / Rajdhani / Mumbai / Diamond / main bazar / Time bazar all day night fix open , matka result open close before 5 ,10, 30 minute  fast and live result with online matka chart stay here satta matka god 01 .in


Q9: How do you play matka ? And Is playing satta matka illegal?


Ans: Matka playing is very easy and simple example 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 this is a main besic ank open to close when you calculate 1+4=5 that one is open  when coming both or pair that called Jodi (bracket) 3 ank 789 this one is pana or panel. That's way to play matka same answer below the questions How can I learn Matka game? 2. Matka calculation trick and tips 3. Matka mathematical formula? 4. How to play matka in kannada? 5. How to play matka in Kalyan? 6. How to play matka tricks? 7. How to win satta daily? 7. Satta formula book 8. How to play matka satta namber Guessing? 9. How to play satta matka in hindi? Worli matka rules all above answer is SATTAMATKA01.in   Satta illegal in India becouse Satta matka is gambling sector this lucky drow or online lottery, betting play , that is the reason satta King or online satta illegal in India or not legal to indian public .


Q10: What is dpboss and how get fix Jodi in Kalyan satta matka?


Ans: SATTAMATKA01 .in is best of online matka, panel chart, fix matka Jodi Boss matka , Kalyan matka , Kalyan result, matka chart, indian matka, Kalyan chart, Dpboss.net Dpboss hi, satta 143 , satta matta matka , matka result, Kalyan open , dpboss patti , Kalyan satta final ank , 

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